I believe that a forceful quality in art, truly representative of our modern times, will rise above the labels of abstraction and realism. 

Richard Diebenkorn

Over the past two decades I’ve been evolving this new body of work. The drawings and paintings on display here reflect a contemporary aesthetic, inviting abstraction and welcoming ambiguity in order to draw the viewer in, inviting them to share in my work experience.

The relationship with the viewer is of great importance to me; I seek it in the work that I admire. My influences include Richard Diebenkorn, Andy Goldsworthy, Georgio Morandi and Wayne Thiebaud.

I agree with art writer Peter Schjeldahl when he says:

“Consider painting… the old, slow art of the eye and the hand, united in service to the imagination. No other medium can as yet so directly combine vision and touch to express what it’s like to have a particular mind, with its singular troubles and glories, in a particular body."

And, to paraphrase art critic Dave Hickey: 

“Painting isn’t dead except as a major art form; from now on it will be a discourse of adepts, like jazz.”

Fred Hope, 2020

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